Valentine’s Day Tea Party

Valentine’s Day…. some look forward to it, some dread it, and some don’t really mind either way. I am the latter 🙂 My husband and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day.

This year, I didn’t really have any plans of celebrating, aside from prepping Valentine’s Day treats for the kids to share with their friends in class. They celebrate friendships in school and exchange cards that they have made for one another. I think it is adorable!

We woke up on Valentine’s Day, and this morning was different. As soon as the kids opened their eyes, they said, “Happy Valentine’s Day, mom!” They were so excited! I was still half asleep and suddenly felt guilty. I remember when we were little, our parents would celebrate Valentine’s Day with us, and make us feel special, and to see how excited my children were, and realize I had nothing planned… I felt horrible!

I realized I needed to do something when they got home from school, so off they went, and I searched Pinterest for ideas, but nothing quite caught my eye. I needed something relatively easy, and with supplies I already had on hand, because driving into town to pick up supplies wasn’t something I really wanted to do.

I remembered we had scored an awesome tea set this summer, at an estate sale and we hadn’t used it yet. When we first got the set, both my daughter and I couldn’t wait to use it… but it ended up sitting in cupboards.

So I washed the tea set and threw together a quick tea party for my kiddos and nieces and nephews after school.

My dad’s birthday falls on the 13th, and so we already had a vegan carrot cake left over, so I cut that into bite sized pieces and put them on a platter.

I had some strawberries and then some tangerines which I picked from the trees outside. We used a mix of sparkling water and tangerine juice, which I juiced using the tangerines, for our tea.

I clipped some branches from our guava tree to make a runner and then scattered tangerines throughout.

I cut out hearts and wrote Valentine’s Day jokes on them. The kids loved them!

It all came together so quickly and so easily and I’m so happy with the way it turned out. It was the perfect way to celebrate the little ones who mean so much to me! <3

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