Stay at Home Bingo

Hey friends!

How are you all doing at home?

By nature, I am an introvert, so for me, social distancing is quite the norm; however, I know the current lock down can be tough on many. It is a challenge adjusting to the new norm, but we have to stay positive and stay at home so we can put an end to this COVID19 global pandemic.

I've put together a fun stay at home bingo game that I wanted to share. It will be fun to see which boxes you can check off while we stay in quarantine and beat this Coronavirus.

Click the link below to download my free printable (the full bingo card). I'd love for you to tag me in your social media posts or Instagram stories or leave a comment below. It will be fun to see who has done what 🙂

Stay safe and stay well, my friends. Sending positive vibes and aloha to all!

Stay home bingo download.

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