Keep Your Home Tidy in Less Than 30 Minutes a Day

Want to know a secret?! My house isn't always neat and tidy, but when I need it to be, I can get it there in less than 30 minutes. Keep reading to find out how I keep up with the daily tasks so that tidying up is a breeze!

I'll walk you through my day from the time I wake, til the time I hit the sack. Here we go!

1- Good morning! Time to make the bed and get the day started. I feel like making the bed sets the tone for the rest of the day... to me, its kind of like getting dressed and ready.

2- Time to unload the dishwasher and get breakfast prepared.

3- After breakfast, I have the family help me clean up the kitchen, which includes clearing and wiping the table, stovetop & counters and washing the dishes/ loading the dishwasher.

4- I always wash dishes after every meal or snack time so they don't pile up.

5- We are currently homeschooling so although it was much easier to keep the house clean while the kids were in school, it still can be possible while they're home. I try to teach them to clean up after they take something out and are done playing with it. They may need reminders, but it makes it so much easier to do it as they go rather than all at once.

6- Those of you with your kids home these days know that snack time pretty much happens around the clock... my kids are always hungry and snacking. I just make sure they're eating at the table and then have them help me clean up when they're done.

7- Dinner time... same as breakfast time, although I like to sweep up the kitchen & dining room/ common areas afterwards.

8- After dinner, I also like to make sure the dishwasher is loaded and we run it at night so we have clean dishes in the morning.

9- I also have this thing about kitchen sponges... I don't use regular sponges. (I actually think they are gross.) I use the ones that can be washed and reused so at the end of the day, I take my sponge and scrub down the sink before I throw it in the wash.

10- Laundry... I do laundry whenever our basket gets full. I try to keep up with that. If I don't have time to fold, I will have to admit that I leave it in the dryer until I do have the time! That way, it has to get folded by the time another load goes in the wash.

I might be forgetting something, but that is what I do in a nutshell daily. I have to say that keeping a clean house is a huge part of my personality and I completely get it if you think I'm crazy! I think it all really started when I began working from home almost 10 years ago. I couldn't concentrate while working if I knew I had piles of laundry to do or if I was staring at a messy kitchen. I wanted my "home office" to be clean- again, probably just a personality trait, but that is just who I am 🙂

Let me know what you think! We don't really have a daily/weekly/monthly cleaning schedule although I do like to do the bigger tasks more often to keep up.

I hope you find this helplful!