DIY Spooky Halloween Tree

Aloha friends! Halloween is nearing and although it may look a bit different this year, we still plan on having a lot of fun.

I was a bit slow to get the Halloween decorations up at our house, which is rare for me 🙂 I'm usually ready to go by the beginning of October.

The kids helped me get these bats up first and we had a lot of fun doing it!


Well now, my Halloween mantle is finally up and I added a fun & simple DIY to the mix!

I love the layers of texture and lighting that makes our home feel so cozy at night.


The spooky Halloween tree was a fun project that got the whole family involved.

My mom wanted some for her mantle too so she volunteered to pick up the pots while she was at the hardware store. My kids were so happy to help with the entire process and my dad helped mix the Quikrete for the containers. My husband, who knows my love for decorating, lovingly gave me a hard time for all the bats and spiders but I know he secretly loves it 😉

Anywho, check out the steps below for a quick tutorial on how to create this tree!

Here is what you will need:

  • Old tree branches
  • Black spray paint
  • Pots
  • Newspaper
  • Quikrete
  • Fairy Lights
  • Halloween Gauze
  • Anything you prefer to dress your tree up