DIY Custom Painted Curtains

You guys! This one is so simple and affordable, you have to try it!

When we first moved back home to Maui in 2011, we barely had any options for fun home decor. I often shopped at Home Depot or Lowes or Ross and Walmart to find a few things but that is really all we had. Ordering online also wasn't as easy then as it is now. Being in Hawaii, shipping was really expensive or in most cases, stores didn't ship to Hawaii at all at that time... fast forward to 2015 and we finally got a Target and TJ Maxx (whoop whoop!) I was stoooked!

Now rewind back to 2011. When we started to fix up our place, we needed things to accessorize our home... things like home decor, furniture, accessories and curtains! There weren't many options and I couldn't quite find the curtains I was looking for. After all, our first baby was due to arrive and we wanted to be surprised with the gender, so we decided on a green and yellow themed room. Those aren't your typical colors so I knew I had to DIY something in order for my vision to come to life.

Here's a list of supplies you will need:

I picked up a pair of plain white curtains, some acrylic paint and used some painter's tape, which also came in handy. From there, I began to paint. I think the curtain panels were about $15 each so for $60, I had a custom set of curtains for our nursery.

It was such a fun and simple project that I decided to do it again for our living room curtains. This time, instead of using curtain panels, I went with drop cloth.

I hemmed the drop cloth to the correct lengths, and again used acrylic paints from Walmart, along with some painters tape and I was done in no time.

To hang the drop cloth curtains, I purchased curtain hooks and poked them through the drop cloth. It was so simple and so fun and the drop cloth curtains even matched my DIY painted chevron rug!

This pic below is an in progress pic of when we first started out with our living room. It has evolved quite a bit since then!

Leave a comment below if you've tried this and I'd love to hear how they turned out!

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